Turning Within Time

Lake_Champlain_WinterWinter has settled in; this is the Turning Within Time.

I’m sitting at a table with five others. It’s Thursday evening, after a long work day. Tonight is our monthly winter artists/writers group. Everyone at the table is busily creating. Beside me, a writer sits with open notebook, pondering. On my right side a visual artist is doing a set of quick paintings as a warm-up. Someone else works in black watercolor paint on white paper, while another artists tears paper for a collage. We are turning inside; there is little conversation around the large table.

This is a back-to-work week, following the pleasures and frustration of the Holidays. Already the days we took off to play and visit seem distant. Two weeks have passed since the Solstice, and the days are strikingly brighter and longer. The sun, although still relatively low on the horizon, seems warmer. Continue reading