Dreaming, Elders, and the Languague of the Land

For the past couple of weeks the Elders have been visiting me in my dreams on a regular basis. The other night they came, showing me charts of climate change and speaking about our contemporary loss of languages with which to interact with the Land. “Who are you,” they asked, “if you can’t speak with the Land?” “How can you possibly hope to understand your life if you have no language that roots you in Place?” Continue reading

Assault on Native Sacred Lands

Greed always seems to undermine promises. Nowhere has this been more true than in the relationship between First Nations people and Federal governments in the Americas. This week growing protests have brought the Tar Sands of Alberta and the San Fransisco Peaks of the Four Corners into the news. These regions have massive reserves of coal and oil. Protests are also under way in Sonoma County, CA, where the lands produce grapes rather than oil.  All of these proposed or ongoing developments will destroy the sacred lands of many tribes, and will displace large numbers of tribal people. They will also destroy invaluable wildlands, and the oil production will dramatically contribute to global climate change. Native people in the U.S. and Canada are united in large scale protest. Continue reading