A Great Mystery

Flower_and_SnowI’ve been contemplating the mystery of life, and how very lucky we are to experience it. This is a good thing to do as winter wanes and spring has yet to bloom across the landscape.

We do not know how frequently life develops; we know only that planets like our own seem to be quite unusual. In all likelihood, life sprouts elsewhere, but probably those upswellings are relatively infrequent, and the beings who arise from them may be very different from ourselves. Continue reading

Shimmering world

Lake_SunsetYesterday was cloudy and damp, one of those days when spring and winter touch. The air was moist, although not warm, the day a bit foggy as the damp breeze touched the remaining snow. Watching, and feeling, this moment of transition brought to mind another way of being in the world, the path of, as David Abrams called it, the sensuous. So we stopped for a moment and let ourselves join that dancing space between winter and spring, warmth and snow. Continue reading

Spring and the Post-Human

Paws_In_The_SnowI am drawn always to the presence and processes of Nature, seeking each day to notice the play of the living world. Yesterday was warm and sunny, a truly ecstatic, early spring-like day. The recent warmth and sun have melted back the snowbanks, and the ice on the lake is looking a bit slushy. We can finally walk on most of the sidewalks; perhaps we have truly turned the corner on winter! Perhaps this is indeed spring!

The West has long understood Indigenous people as close to Nature, or even, as Nature. This has meant that we are seen as primitive and childlike, as resources to be ruthlessly exploited, and as obstacles to the advancement of civilization, barriers which must be removed at any cost. We are also imagined to be pristine and moral, the holders of high human consciousness, and the voices of the land. There seems little room for us to be visceral, complex people. Continue reading