Staying Home

The snow has let up, the sky has noticeably brightened, and the birds have spent the morning on the feeders.  Over the past couple of days we’ve stayed home, as our region experienced the largest snowfall ever recorded in March, and the 3rd largest ever recorded (it may end up second on the list). I guess the storm decided we needed the snow after all. At the moment we’re wondering where the guy who plows our driveway has disappeared to. Continue reading

The Stories that Guide Us

Winter_RiverI awoke from a night filled with dreams to a day of broken overcast and seasonal chill. The late January light is much diminished by cloud and the wane sun throws no shadows.

There are narratives among Native people that we are living in the fifth or sixth iteration of the world. Not unlike the Bible story of Noah and the great flood, these ancient stories tell us that the people repeatedly made a mess of things, leading to the destruction of the world. Each time, the survivors must go in search of a new, inhabitable world, long, difficult journeys that often take place in the dark. Eventually they emerge into a new world. Continue reading