Advent: Holding Fast to a Good Dream for the World

Light!Today dawned chilly and bleak, with a skiff of snow on the garden walkways. Now the clouds are thinning and there is the promise of sun late in the day.

The calendar page has turned and we find ourselves firmly in December. The birds and squirrels have made themselves at home at the feeder, and the chickadees courteously request more seed when said feeder becomes depleted. We have settled into our winter routine.

On this chill day our thoughts are with the many Water protectors holding the Dream in the cold at Standing Rock.

It seems our country has settled into a time of high anxiety, of anxious waiting for the new administration, and the chaos and suffering they have promised to unleash. We stand firmly in two places. On one hand, we anticipate the Solstice, and for Christians, the birth of Jesus. We await the return of the sun/son and the growing warmth that will come with spring. (No wonder we celebrate Advent and Christmas in this dark, cold time of Northern Hemisphere winter!)   At the same time, we anticipate the near future with foreboding, and deep concern for those who are most vulnerable to ruthless power. Continue reading

Awaiting Joy

The_Joy_of_SongI  feel deeply blessed, for I have had the opportunity to learn from, and work with, shamans and healers from many traditions and parts of the world. At the center of their practices and lives is the necessity of speaking up for those who have lost voice, including the Earth; feeding, clothing, and educating those who cannot do so for themselves; and awakening joy in oneself and those whose lives we touch.  They showed me that kindness, gratitude, and Joy are the sacred heart of living and healing. I am profoundly grateful. Continue reading