A Dream

The sun is summer high, having drifted almost as far north as it will go, and the day will be hot. The sky is streaked with light clouds, promising increasing humidity. After only a couple of days of dry weather the garden looks thirsty.

Perhaps a sign of the times: last night I dreamt I was one of a large group of people about to be detained by the government. We were shopping in a large department store and government agents were guarding all the exits; the agents were Russian. Continue reading

Foggy Morning

We woke before five to discover a dense fog had settled over our neighborhood. A short while ago the early summer sun rose through the mist, illuminating the garden and woodlands. On our neighbor’s roof, an American Robin stands guard over his territory.

The wet spring has resulted in a verdant garden and forest. The irises are blooming and the poppies are ready to burst into fiery orange splendor. We’ve been eating lettuce and broccoli rabi from the garden, a welcome change from the less favorable versions we purchase at the grocery.  Continue reading