Evening Snow

The flakes began to fall about an hour ago. Now the world is monochrome, dusk spreading across the landscape along with the intensifying snow. There is little wind and, unusually, the flakes fall straight down. We are told the wind will pick up overnight, making travel difficult at best. Our evening clients all cancelled or came in earlier today, so we are safely home.  Continue reading


Early February

A sunny day, something of a miracle following days of intermittent freezing rain. The other evening rain fell on our deeply frozen world while we were at work, covering the sidewalk and parking lot in ice. Jennie somehow managed to get to the van, brought it close to our building, and hauled our bags to it without falling. I realized my crutches would slip on the ice so, having left my ice tips at home, I crawled on all fours to the van. Now, the strengthening February sun throws deep, blue tinged, shadows across the landscape as I watch from the safety of the studio. Continue reading

Returning Home

We were awake at four this morning so we took a peek at the snowstorm. Being the middle of the night, we could not see much, just enough to know that snow was falling heavily. Daylight brought a better look and the realization that, true to the forecast, snow lay heavy across the landscape. There is much blowing and drifting but we are confident that well beyond a foot of snow has fallen thus far, with more to come. Continue reading