Kindness as Resistance

A showery sort of day, much like yesterday, cool for June. The forecast for next week is for much above average temperatures and there is a good chance that by next weekend we will add to our rapidly growing list of record high temperatures. For now, the world is cast in a multitude of greens, lush and luscious.

I’ve been thinking about how my father’s family knew a lot about resistance, and about treating others with respect. I remember my aunts and uncles as generous, almost to a fault, and remarkably kind, even as they struggled with racism and the threat of violence. I don’t know how they did it although I guess their “Christian values” helped, as did their penchant for taking the “long view”. Continue reading


After the Solstice

We’ve been traveling and working, doing the tasks of life and summer, seeing kids and grand-kids and saying goodbye to beloved family who have passed over. It seems good.

Yesterday marked the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Today we will share ceremony to mark the year’s turning. This day will be only a tiny bit shorter than yesterday, and the real heat of summer is yet to come. Still, even as we indulge in the strawberry harvest we note that fall is not that far away. Continue reading