Dreaming the Inclusive City

Flowering!Jennie was up early, watering the garden and brewing our morning tea. (The lettuce and spinach are up!) As has been my want of late, I awoke with the birds then went back to sleep.

Over the past couple of days the trees have completely leafed out, turning the forest into a seemingly impenetrable wall of green. The birds awaken us at an ungodly hour, in full chorus, then the males settle into periodically defending their territories. Given we are at the end of May, much of the pressure to secure and protect territory is subsiding as are the veracity and frequency of male’s vocalizations.

Last night Jennie joined a large group of folks at Planning and Zoning; they were there to express their opinions about the proposed downtown mall redevelopment. Few people doubt the mall needs to be redeveloped, but there is a large, and growing opposition to the project as planned. The biggest issue is the city’s decision to allow the developer to exceed the current building height maximum by almost four stories, throwing even more of the downtown into continual shade, and threatening views of the waterfront. Much of the new space would be residential, including much-needed student housing, but also offering the specter of more penthouses for the ultra wealthy.  Continue reading