A Lovely Day

Fertilizer_SnowWe were up early yesterday to join our friend Alicia, and about a dozen others, for a walk in the woods. Saturday evening the forecast had called for snow, turning to rain about the time we were to meet in the park parking lot. We awoke to gray skies and chill, but no snow, conditions for which we were grateful. We had snow earlier in the week, the soft snow that covers newly prepared gardens and, here in Vermont, is dubbed “fertilizer”. Continue reading

The Nature of Story

Budding_MapleThis morning the birds at our feeder are quiet. Perhaps this reflects the return of chilly weather; yet it stands in contrast to the din that greeted us each morning earlier this week, when the temperature was above seasonal norms.

We love bird song, and have been saddened by the steady decline in songbirds, and song, over the past several years. Increasingly the possibility of a silent spring seems more threatening and immediate. This week’s cacophony of song was a welcome event.

I wonder whether children can grasp the enormity of our losses, having nothing to compare the present moment to. In order to understand change, one needs a reference point; initial conditions are the central stuff of stories: “Once upon a time”….. Continue reading


Spring_ShadowsYesterday was a glorious early spring day, filled with sunshine and warmth, and people filled the parks and streets, wearing mid-summer shorts and tank tops. This was, perhaps, overdoing it a bit, given the temperature was in the upper 60’s F. This morning is just a bit cooler.

I’ve been thinking about the way things wear down. My body is showing my age, as is my car. This winding down is known to physicists as Entropy, the tendency for energy and matter to disperse over time. Eventually, according to our current scientific story, the universe will be dark and silent, and matter and energy will be so evenly dispersed across it that nothing will interact; the universe will essentially be “dead”. Some scientists have suggested that the purpose of life is to hasten this process! Continue reading