The Stories that Guide Us

Winter_RiverI awoke from a night filled with dreams to a day of broken overcast and seasonal chill. The late January light is much diminished by cloud and the wane sun throws no shadows.

There are narratives among Native people that we are living in the fifth or sixth iteration of the world. Not unlike the Bible story of Noah and the great flood, these ancient stories tell us that the people repeatedly made a mess of things, leading to the destruction of the world. Each time, the survivors must go in search of a new, inhabitable world, long, difficult journeys that often take place in the dark. Eventually they emerge into a new world. Continue reading

Resisting The Urge to Demonize

Gathering_StormYesterday I drove over to central Vermont to met with a long time friend I haven’t seen in a while. Just before I came to her village, I saw two very young deer standing close together near the road, watching the cars go by. I slowed down so as to be able to respond to them should they bolt into the road. No need, as they stayed exactly where they were. Continue reading

The Resilience of Stories

SunriseA lovely, snow-covered morning. The woods are lovely and dark, and highlighted by the intense white of newly fallen snow; not much snow mind you, just enough to coat the trees. Ours is a remnant forest so it is not deep; there are just enough trees to support hermit thrushes. Under the snow, a layer of ice. At the end of our drive, a pile of slush the plow left last evening; I should go deal with it, although that is easier said than done. Continue reading

The Danger of Sport As Metaphor

EveningThe dawn revealed a world held in deep fog, the snow cover having melted away in this week’s warmth. Bare ground and limbs remain.

I’ve succumbed to the mid-January doldrums, and have taken to sitting before the fire with a good book. Occasionally I journey up to the studio and muck about. I’m not much good at blocking out the events of the world, nor have I been, historically, accomplished at working with the themes of the time, so I muck. Continue reading